The Barefoot Bride

We do fabulous from veil to toes!

Every bride should be able to wear her dream dress without having to sacrifice style & elegance because of budget. Serving the Mid South area as well as internet customers, The Barefoot Bride provides personalized bridal consultations to make your day special without breaking the bank.

The Barefoot Bride offers over 2000 BRAND NEW beautiful designer wedding gowns off the rack at 30-80% off retail. In addition, we have an amazing selection of custom gowns available in sizes 00-30.

We have gowns arriving daily (and leaving daily) so our website doesn’t represent our complete inventory. Be sure to check us out on insta ~ @thebarefoot_bride or facebook ~ thebarefootbriderocks

The Barefoot Bride believes that your special day begins with a fun, stress free shopping environment where brides can kick off their shoes and enjoy the experience of finding their dream dress!

At The Barefoot Bride ~ We do fabulous from veil to toes!

The Barefoot Bride

Open By Appointment Only

Open 7 Days a Week

Call, text or email for your appointment

901-481-6906 ~

Appointments available 7 days a week

We get a LOT of calls & only serve one bride at a time~ so if you get our voice mail we are either on another line, assisting a bride or not in the shop. Be sure to leave a voicemail and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

Feel free to text or fill out “becoming a barefoot bride” on this website to schedule an appointment as well.


Not So Silly Questions

  • Wahoooo ~ I'm engaged! What's next?

    • Wahooo right back at ya! First things first ~ set a date, find a venue and start dress shopping! Keep in mind that even though you can get married next week or next year, shopping for your gown should be done after you've secured your date and venue to ensure that you're shopping for a gown that fits your venue and season - No one wants to end up with a boho beach dress if they are having a winter wonderland wedding - no matter how much you LOVE it!

  • Do I need an appointment?

    • YES! We are only open by appointment

  • How do I make an appointment?

    • Fill out Becoming a Barefoot Bride on our website!

      • OR

    • Easy Peasy - Call, email, text or fb message for your appointment. We need the following info to book - name, email address, wedding date and cell phone number. You can reach us at 901-481-6906 or

  • What is the price range of your gowns?

    • Our gowns are priced 30-80% off retail every day with gowns ranging from $775-$2500.

    • Our Barefoot Bride line & orderable gowns are priced from $900 - $2200. These gowns generally take about 3-5 months to get in and are available in sizes 00-30 in multiple colors combinations.

  • So why does The Barefoot Bride prefer to schedule brides within one year of their wedding date?

    • Since our gowns are "off the rack" - the gowns you try on, will be the gown you take home. If you shop too far in advance, chances are the gown that you LOVE will not be available when you're ready to purchase closer to your wedding. We've also seen brides change their mind and end up with more than one gown because they shopped too early - bummer on the budget!

  • But what if I just want to find out what style I want?

    • Best bet is to style shop at traditional salons that carry sample gowns. These gowns will not be going home with a bride and are at the shop to be tried on multiple times. Since our gowns are the actual gown you'll take home, your personalized style consultant will pull gowns based on your direction and feedback. When you fall in love with a Barefoot Bride, you can be assured that it hasn't been tried on a million times.

    • ps - if you find "the one" grab the designer/style number - we'll see if we can get it in for you at a discount!

  • Why can't I just come in and browse? I am too busy to make an appointment.

    • Since our gowns are sold Off The Rack - we don't offer browsing to ensure that our gowns are in the most pristine condition possible. We also respect the fact that our brides with appointments have reserved the shop to be private just for them and their guests. We promise we'll do the same for your appointment, be sure to follow us on instagram to see some of our beauties that come in! We get in about 50-100 NEW gowns a week!

    • BUT! We have just added a custom gown rack. These gowns typically take about 3-5 months to order and are available to check out in our accessory shop with no appointment needed to browse the custom rack during our open hours on Friday/Saturday from 10-5. You’ll need to book an appointment to try these on :)

  • What should I wear to my appointment?

    • Comfy clothes and limited makeup - no need to get all gussied up because you'll be spending most of your time in our fab Barefoot Bride gowns. You'll be spending even more time in the dressing room with your gown whisperer so be sure to wear underwear that you feel comfortable wearing in front of a stranger. Sorry, commando is not an option and if you "forget" the britches, we have some for sale :)

      • ps - you are more than welcome to bring champagne (Maid of Honors ask that a LOT)

  • ONE HOUR??? Is that enough time to find my wedding gown?

    • Our record is 4 minutes! We were shocked too! But yes! 1 hour is plenty of time to find the perfect dress! Your gown whisperer will tailor your time to find exactly what you're looking for. You'll be amazed at what we can accomplish in an hour. On another note, you're more than welcome to book another appointment if you need one. Remember - the shop is YOURS for your appointment and we make this all about YOU!

  • Whoops ~ I'm late for everything ... what happens if I'm late?

    • Yes, an hour is plenty of time to shop for your wedding dress but unfortunately 45 minutes usually is not. If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, we will need to reschedule in order to respect the next bride's appointment. If you're caught by a train, waiting on Starbucks, locked out of your car, etc :) PLEASE give us a call to see if we can accommodate a late arrival.

    • If you are late and need to re-book your appointment, there will be a $50 re-booking fee.

  • Why only 4 guests?

    • Good news is that we have more gowns than any other bridal salon within 500 miles ... Bad news is that since there are sooo many gowns, we don't have a lot of room for people. Better news? We will be happy to skype or facetime folks that aren't able to make the appointment ... Want even BETTER news? When you find your gown - you get to take it HOME that day which means you could even have a party at the house with as many of your peeps as you like!

    • On a serious note, many of our brides have thanked us for limiting the guest count. Shopping for a wedding dress is stressful enough without a room full of opinions. We suggest taking the entourage with you to other salons who have no guest limit and bringing your faves to see us.

    • We love kids, however our shop is NOT child proof. Lots of white, delicate fabrics, etc can be tempting for kids to want to run and play in ~ Please keep this in mind when planning your visit. Children are included in the guest count and must be well supervised throughout the appointment.

    • Children are included in the guest count and must be supervised during your appointment. Sorry, we don’t have room for strollers in our appointment area.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    • Since the shop is open and reserved just for YOU and your guests, we kindly request that you call/text 901-481-6906 at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

    • Same day cancellations will require a $50 rebooking fee

  • No Shows are NO FUN!

    • We do our absolute best to communicate your appointment time/date via email and text a couple of times to remind you that you're coming to see us. We know things come up, plans change, dresses are found or you just don't feel like shopping that day - no biggie, just give us a call or text (you don't even have to tell us why or talk to us :) to let us know you're not coming. This allows us to offer your appointment to our wait list brides. Because of all this, we do have a NO SHOW policy that means if you don't call/text - we will not be able to re-book an appointment with us.

  • What is your return policy?

    • As standard with all bridal salons, all sales are Final ~ No returns, refunds or exchanges.

  • What types of payment do you accept?

    • Cash $$ and all major credit cards. We do not accept checks.

  • Do you have a payment plan?

    • Layaway plan. 50% down with the balance due in 30 days.

    • 3, 6 and 12 month Financing is offered through Square Financial. You can get pre-approved by following this link:

    • Once approved, you’ll be given a special card code to be used at The Barefoot Bride.

  • Do you allow pics?

    • Heck ya! How are you going to know what you look like if you can’t see a pic?

  • Do you hold gowns or accessories?

    • No, sorry we aren’t able to hold items.

  • Holy Guacamole ~ What's up with my size???

    • Wedding gown sizing sucks! Generally 1 - 2 sizes bigger than what you normally wear. We will measure you and shop in your "section". When you find your gown, we'll be happy to cut the size tag out for free!

  • Do you do alterations on site?

    • No - We have a wonderful list of alterations specialists that will make your gown custom tailored to you! All alterations are done off-site which saves you moola :) We will be happy to provide alteration notes on what we've discussed at your appointment to get the look you're wanting within your budget!

  • Are Barefoot Bride gowns used?

    • Nope! We started as a consignment store about 2010 and decided to just go with only BRAND NEW off the rack gowns in 2014. Everything in the store is BRAND NEW - only tried on in a bridal salon.

    • We just added a custom gown rack which is available in our accessory shop. These gowns typically take about 3-5 months to order.

  • Do you rent gowns? Carry prom, mother of the bride, bridesmaid or formal gowns?

    • Nope! We don't rent gowns or carry prom, mother of the bride, bridesmaid or formal gowns.

  • Do you BUY or Consign Gowns?

    • Nope - sorry, we don't buy or consign any type of gown or accessory.

  • Do you carry Bridesmaid Gowns, Mother of the Bride or Prom gowns??

    • Nope - sorry. We need the space for all of our wedding gowns :)

  • Do you guys sell veils and wedding accessories?

    • We do! Just give us a call/text or email to schedule your veil appointment. You’ll need to be sure you have your gown with you for your veil appointment.

  • Hey! GPS doesn't like your address!! Where the heck are you guys!!

    • We are located at 4726 Poplar Ave in the Poplar Village Shopping Center. We have four signs to help guide the way - a HUGE pink on on Poplar and another Barefoot Bride sign on the building and then two more on the shop.

    • Poplar Village is between Perkins and Colonial - C-Spire and Soul Fish - Look for Seikisui Pacific Rim's (SPR) big huge Blowfish and we're on the the side of the building - hint: look for the shop with all the wedding dresses in the window :) Parking is available in front and back.